Unlock Natural Relief: How Organic Produce and Acupuncture Combat Chronic Pain

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Cutting board with organic carrots, Napa cabbage, and parsnip in natural sunset lighting

Organic Produce and Acupuncture: Your Dual Arsenal Against Chronic Pain   Introduction Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition that affects every aspect of your life. While medications and surgeries are common treatments, they often come with side effects and risks. But what if there was a more holistic approach to managing chronic pain? Enter… Read more »

The 6 Most Common Bay Area Questions About Strawberries

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Are strawberries a berry? The strawberry is not, from a botanical point of view, a berry. Technically, it is an aggregate accessory fruit, meaning that the fleshy part is derived not from the plants ovaries but from the receptacle that holds the ovaries. Each apparent “seed” on the outside of the fruit is actually one… Read more »

Asparagus; A Perennial Flowering Plant.

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Give Us the Details, Please Asparagus, otherwise known as the folk name Sparrow Grass (1). This deep pistachio green stalk is a perennial flowering plant species in the genus asparagus (2). “Crowns” are planted in winter, and the first shoots appear in spring ready to harvest and enjoy (1). Tender at the tip and slightly… Read more »

Navel Oranges; A Balanced Level of Sweet, Tangy, and Tart

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Give us the details please This marvelous citrus is available winter through spring. It’s medium to large sized. The shape is slightly oval with a “navel” or circular hole on the blossom stem end (1). The medium thick rind matures from green to bright orange and is smooth with a pebbled texture due to many… Read more »

How to Boost Your Mood With Food

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Most of us understand that the foods we eat have a direct impact on our physical health and well-being. But, did you know that the foods you eat can also affect your mental health? The relationship between food and mental health becomes obvious when you step back and consider how much our moods guide our… Read more »

A Guest Speaker is a Fun and Important Supplement to Any School Wellness Program

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A great addition to any School Wellness Program is a guest speaker. A guest speaker is a fun, engaging way to expose children to different varieties of fruits and vegetables and also where that food comes from. Teaching kids about healthy eating habits can include getting them more involved in choosing, preparing and maybe even growing their own… Read more »

Take the Next Step in Your Corporate Wellness Program: Host a Health and Wellness Fair

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Many companies have implemented a company-wide wellness program already and the trend is growing. Are you a Bay Area business thinking about hosting a Health and Wellness Fair for your employees? Which vendors should you invite? What are the benefits to your employees and to your company? To learn more read on or contact Golden… Read more »