How to Store Farm Fresh Eggs: To Fridge or Not to Fridge?

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Oh, it was all so exciting. The Farmer’s Market was abuzz with homesteaders, farmers and backyard chicken coopers – chatting each other up about how long they leave their farm fresh eggs out on the counter… What?!? Not refrigerating eggs? Who would even consider such FDA sacrilege? Isn’t that a recipe for salmonella? FYI: the… Read more »

Benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs

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One of our employees used to work as a server at a restaurant known for its breakfast menu. Each day, the cooks diligently cracked and whisked dozens of eggs, preparing them to be scrambled to-order. One morning, a family called the server over in the middle of their breakfast and said, “Are these eggs real?… Read more »

Getting Good Grapes From Drake Larson Farm

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Grapes? You heard right. Organic grapes, for that matter, and that changes the game for wineries as well. Yes, you can drink wine (already healthy in moderation), but now get the quality of organic homegrown fruit with the grapes from Drake Larson Farm and many other California organic farms for you to explore. But Just How… Read more »

The Shocking Differences Between Non-GMO and True Organic

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Don’t be fooled: organic’s still king of nutrition as far as we’re concerned. Why? Because labels don’t tell you everything, and as it stands, in this food industry, the subject of “non-GMOs” has been hitting the airwaves like a ton of bricks (for the most part, positive bricks) thinking that they’re a great alternative to… Read more »