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Grapes? You heard right. Organic grapes, for that matter, and that changes the game for wineries as well. Yes, you can drink wine (already healthy in moderation), but now get the quality of organic homegrown fruit with the grapes from Drake Larson Farm and many other California organic farms for you to explore.

But Just How Prolific Is the Drake Larson Farm?Drake Larson Farm

Let’s just say they love their grapes. This California organic farm started off back in 1986 with one dream: to grow grapes. Drake Larson himself had a passion for it, as well as publishing and science, cultivating well over 100 acres worth of green, red and black seedless grapes straight out of Thermal, CA.

They’re still going strong, too. So if you’re in California, and you want some good grapes beyond that of the grocery store, you might want to go with this family. Fresh produce — specifically regarding grapes. You can’t go wrong.

Visit the Drake Larson Farm Website Right Now to Learn More

They’re part of the Organic Harvest Network, born into farming. Drake himself has a daughter working for an organic food distribution company, so you can see right away that there are connections. When you’re the grandson of a cattleman from Colorado and the son of a cotton and grape grower, you can’t go wrong. Check them out right here. And get some grapes while you’re at it.