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It’s quite the exact science to eat an artichoke the right way — which is why many get so intimidated by just looking at one. You can’t exactly cut the thing up and eat all the pieces. Your result for doing that would probably be much worse than eating the shells off of shrimp. As a point to make, there are three steps to eating that artichoke, and the process is actually surprisingly easy. Just get to one of these organic farms and buy an artichoke right now, and we’ll get started!

Firstly, You’ve Got to Imagine the Artichoke Like It’s an Onion….artichoke-1

Only this ‘onion’ is going to be a whole lot more fun ‘peeling,’ especially if you have a dish of melted and seasoned butter. Artichoke eating is a bit of an acquired taste, but as it gets to the center of your taste buds, you’ll realize you’re in real culinary epicurean Heaven. Follow these instructions:

  1. Pull Off Petals One at a Time, Please — There’s a reason for this. For one, each of those petals is a true delicacy straight out of Ocean Mist Farms, making for a process gearing you up for quite the endeavor. Each petal is, well, ‘edible’, from a certain point of view.
  2. The Trick Is to Eat Only Part of Each Petal — Get your dish of melted seasoned butter now. Never forget that. What you have to understand is that there’s a “fleshy” portion of the petal that’s truly edible and quite delicious when dipped in butter. Treat the petal like you’re eating a clam. The hard portion of the petal’s the shell, the rest is just yum yum.
  3. And That’s Not All. There’s the HEART of the Artichoke — Discard the leftover portion of each petal, and guess what: you’ve got more to eat. As in the “heart” of the artichoke, which is at the bottom. Spoon out the fuzzy center on what’s remaining and discard it. What you have left is the bottom part of the artichoke, and that part is also good to eat. Cut in smaller pieces and enjoy with your seasoned butter. And remember to thank those homegrown organic farms out there for showing some love to the ever-awesome artichoke.

Talk About Quite the Snack, Right? The Artichoke Delivers.

You just needed the correct way to feast on the fun that is the artichoke, because as you can see, it’s not a “cut in pieces and shove in mouth” type of endeavor like some veggies and fruits are. The best part? You won’t overdo this at all, and the artichoke makes for a great snack dish with butter on the side. Serve hot or cold, fill up a giant bowl, enjoy the Super Bowl (or the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent”), get your butter, and you’re good to go.