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The Weekly Thought

What are you going to do to make the world better tomorrow?

Two years from now will be the second decade of the New Millennium. Therefore, for perspective, contrast this fact with the “Roaring Twenties” of the last century. I already feel the change beginning to happen. Like oil slowly being poured into water, there is a new wave of energy already beginning to form the new decade. Right now new-wave ideals are beginning to manifest around an evolved respect within society. Respect for ourselves that will result in healthier experiences and longer lives. Respect for others resulting in ever closer and complete equality. Respect for the environment resulting in more awareness and care towards sustainability. These shared social ideals have already began to manifest themselves in all of us and our culture. It’s  obvious in the media and internet. Together you, me, Golden Gate Organics, and the values & ideas we share will do our part within society to usher in an ideal future that we create for ourselves, even if we haven’t realized it yet.


This Week’s Awesome Organic Produce Update

The California citrus season is in full swing right now. It is really hard to not just have six different citrus varieties, and bananas, on the fruit menu this week. Our rep, Carson, at Earl’s Organic Produce said he bought an entire case of Cara Cara oranges to give away to his friends because they are the best oranges he’s ever had. So I got them for you this week too! And though they may look imperfect on the outside, look past the superficially scarred peel to be delightfully rewarded with the most beautiful and sweetest flavor a California Cara Cara orange could possibly be. On the vegetable side we have loose-leaf arugula sold by the ounce and the ever venerable cauliflower. Jen made a broccoli and cauliflower soup a few weeks back and I want it again! Its sooooo good I wanted to share it with you this week. Click here for that recipe, add any ingredients you need, like onions, and enjoy a delicious meal for dinner, and again the next day for lunch!

With Great Care,

Corey (Loves Avocados) Tufts, and the Team at Golden Gate Organics