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It’s such an easy solution — you have greens, you make a salad. Simple as that. And don’t get us wrong — salads are great. But sometimes you want something just a bit more substantial, and throwing in pieces of chicken, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, pieces of ham, and maybe even a taco salad just gets a little tired. So what about arugula? What in the heck can you do with that leafy green?

It’s a Tall Question to Ask Given That Many Leafy Greens Aren’t as Versatile as They Could Be

I mean, if you cook them, they wilt and sort of taste not so good. Their strength is in the rawness that is the leafy green. Sandwiches, salads, wraps. But can you cook them? Guess what: you can! And these ways, so offbeat as they are, will blow you away and make you realize that you can do a lot with arugula if you just think creatively enough:Arugula

  • Ever Try It With Pizza? — Sounds crazy, right? We mostly think of spinach as a nice go-to for this Italian extravaganza. But arugula? Check this out.
  • How About Meatballs? — You heard correctly. Meatballs, ARUGULA meatballs. Just click here, and we’ll prove it to you.
  • And Soup? — No, we don’t mean a ‘garnish’. That would be a cop-out. Click here to see what it takes to make an actual arugula soup.

Talk about insanity. The beautiful thing, though, is all of these ideas rock. And it’s not like they’ve never been tried before. They’re just not at all common. We normally don’t think of these possibilities given the fact those dark leafy greens are just an easy fix with a salad….

Now You Have MORE Ideas for Arugula! Courtesy of Golden Gate.

We’re all about invention. Arugula is just one of those inventions you’ll love over and over again. You may or may not want a salad one day. But just in case you don’t — you won’t have to ponder on something new for dinner. Look right here. Your possibilities.