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Not long ago, the online magazine “Organic Authority” named San Francisco the best city in the US for living the “organic foodie Lifestyle” — which may make you wonder: what exactly is an organic food lifestyle?  Does this lifestyle extend beyond the foods that we buy? Our answer is yes, and we’ll tell you why.

What Is The Organic Foodie Lifestyle?

Living this lifestyle is about more than just the food that we eat on a day-to-day basis. It’s also about respect of the earth, the upliftment of society, and conscientious living.

The way that we spend our money can be seen as the way we cast a vote into the workings of the world. If we vote for clean food that is free of GMOs, hormones, and pesticides, that is grown in cruelty-free, sustainable ways, we are affecting many levels of society. The organic foodie lifestyle affirms that it is essential to touch many levels of life positively.

What Does It Look Like?

People that live the organic lifestyle are from all walks of life. You might not be able to identify them on the street, but on some level, they have a few things in common. Here are some everyday actions that create this lifestyle.

Care For Environment

Organic food is pesticide free. Since the 1960’s, people have known that toxins affect the land, water, and habitats of creatures and humans alike. It’s taken a long time to allow the message of Rachel Carson and other activists to permeate our culture. Now that we have pesticide-free food options as well as organic health and beauty products, we still have to actively choose to buy them.

Aware Interactions

The Organic foodie lifestyle includes awareness of how individual actions affect the whole or society. We’re each like little rocks, thrown into a pond. Our actions ripple outwards touching the lives of countless others. Through the food we eat, the words we speak, and the way we spend money we can affect change in the world.

Respect For The Body

Organic food is nutrient rich and doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals that conventional foods may have. Eating organic food is one way of showing the body respect. The organic food-lover may also do other healthy things, like deep breathing, exercise, or abstaining from alcohol.

San Francisco is a city that encourages the organic foodie lifestyle, which includes much more than what you put on one end of your fork. The lifestyle includes a caring about the environment, the body, and the interactions that occur between self and society.


Written with care by Jennie Spring.