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Don’t get us wrong, though: we know you love to cook. But not everyone the MASTER CHEF of the Bay Area (that is you) knows everything about the culinary arts, so it does help a ton to get some great advice and save you the time of research and testing in your kitchen. How’s that for convenience? Something you don’t get at the local grocery store chain.

It’s True: Many Grocery Stores Practically ASSUME You’re a Master Chefmaster chef frog

But you can’t blame them. After all, this is all about you and what you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their job is to just provide the supply. You are the demand. It’s convenient. It’s quick. And in some cases, it’s safe.

You might get lucky and find some recipe cards here and there at a grocery store, or even one of those samplers with their ideas to help promote a brand or ingredient. But nothing beats Bay Area farmer markets with actual culinary experience with what they grow and how they cook it. Yes, it’s true — your artisans and farmers and ranchers out there love to cook what they grow. After all…. That’s why they’re selling their product to you!

You’ll find those farmer markets out there will make you more of a master chef than you ever could be shopping in and out of the aisles of the local grocery store, plus if you really look, you can even attend free seasonal cooking demos at those farmer markets, witnessing the top Bay Area chefs do their thing.

You Can’t Buy That or Imitate That at a Supermarket, Folks

Golden Gate Organics loves real creativity, invention, communication, and togetherness. It’s about community. What’s more community than passing recipes, right? Why not get recipes from the growers themselves? The people who matter the most to you? That’s why you SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW and not only access their stuff, all the organic farmer markets we partner with, but can even get ideas directly from us, directly from the farmers you care about most.

Let’s get cookin’.