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While The Family Was Out Of Town

Last week Jen and Charlie were in Toledo at Jen’s Father’s house. You might’ve seen the picture she posted to the GGO Facebook page of Charlie eating broccoli in the front yard there. If you missed it but are curious then you can see it here. While Charlie was visiting Pop-Pop and Nana, that meant that I had the whole house to myself for the entire week. It was very quiet and I enthusiastically worked many more hours than I would’ve if my family were in town. There was time for running through the neighborhood, hanging out with friends, and, of course, playing video games.

While all the extra time was nice and I did get a ton of work done; By the end of the week I was bored and ready to have my family back in my arms. The last week was indeed quiet and productive. But most of my weeks are productive anyway. While I do appreciate me-time, I don’t quite appreciate it at the expense of missing my Jen and Charlie for an extended period. It was actually really fun having Charlie help me out in the warehouse this morning until Jen could pick him up when she got out of work.

It was nice to hear Charlie count to 10 on his own for the first time this morning too!

Charlie riding along with me to make a delivery of fresh organic fruit to a small office.

This Week’s Produce Details

But enough about me. This email is about You! This Friday it looks like you will have the first apricots from Blossom Hill and pluots from Wild River available this season. There are even fresh artichokes coming in too. Other noteworthy items include green bell peppersgarlic, and broccoli. I think all of those items are from farms within 150 miles of Oakland too. If you have any requests for anything you would like on the menu please reply to this email and I will keep an eye out from our different farmers to see if they have it. If you want something then chances are 25 other foodies would like it too and you guys are much bigger foodies than me! I was raised as a simple meat and potatoes kind of guy and who appreciates having food farmed in harmony with nature.

Finally, a couple weeks ago we had some quality issues with a few items we received. Last week I adjusted our ordering and was very happy with the quality and freshness of just about everything. We are a perfect produce company that sources from local farms and that is what we expect for you and the rest of our Golden Gate Organics Community. Please don’t be afraid to reply to this email if your order isn’t perfect. I can’t personally inspect every order, even if I try to, but there is no excuse for your produce to not be as fresh as if you picked it yourself at the farm and drove it to your house.

Thats it for now. Eat up those peaches and plums because you got apricots and pluots coming Friday!

Your friend,
Corey (Produce Philosopher) Tufts, Founder