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Believe it or not…. But salad does not require lettuce. Not even romaine! And that’s a shocker, because we at Golden Gate love romaine. This is, however, about breaking the mold when it comes to organic food and getting inventive with your foods. So here’s a big challenge for you: celeriac. What can you possibly do with celeriac?? Well, you can find out right here.

One of the Things You Can Do Is Make a Celeriac SALADceleriac salad

But it requires a certain technique, so to speak. After all, you can’t just toss a giant celery ROOT into your salad and pour some ranch on it. Get the knife. Start sharpening it up. And get to work. This is what you do to make a great celeriac salad along with some sweet companions for a wickedly hearty wintery taste:

You’ll need endives, for starters. Slice up some along with some pears, throw in some toasted walnuts for that crunch and protein, and forget the ranch. Go with blue cheese dressing. And you’re good to go. But don’t forget the celeriac, please!

Want to know what you do with that gigantic celery root? Here’s the secret: you’re going to need to slice the celery root into ‘matchsticks’. The result is getting a coleslaw-style type of yumminess that adds to the crunch with those walnuts — and with that blue cheese dressing, you have something guaranteed to fill you up even without eating meat.

And you heard right: you don’t need to braise the celeriac. You don’t need to saute it. You don’t even need butter. Just slice them up into thin layers and add to the salad to your heart’s content. Simple as that. You can even grate a whole lot of that celery root as a topping if you want. We suggest do both.

We’re Not Kidding: This Might Make You Love Salads All Over Again

And chances are good there are plenty of other ways to make a celeriac salad. That crunch just nails it right on the head. Like eating an awesome bunch of hearty fries — and you didn’t even have to fry ’em.