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Don’t get us wrong — you’ll need some form of meat for a “meat” ball, but in this case — you don’t need cows. At all. The point is to avoid red meat altogether, and when focusing on the versatility that is arugula, we have a dynamite option for you to try out: an arugula meatball!

As We Mentioned, Though, It’s Not Just an ARUGULA Meatball

We need a meat in there. And chicken is the best substitute for that red meat. This does go against the grain a bit given meatballs arugula meatballare quite popular in Italian cuisine. After all, meatballs typically require beef or veal, browned, and then simmered in some simple sauce. You typically throw those meatballs in a salad or, of course, spaghetti, and lo and behold — you have a beautiful Italian dinner.

What if you want something a bit ‘slimmer’ and more organic? The point of using chicken is to ‘beef’ up that meatball, so it holds its shape as you cook it. The arugula gives it that dynamite bite you want in a meatball. Just mix it with ground chicken, shape them into balls, toss in a frying pan, and simmer! When they’re brown enough, pull them out, serve them, let your guests stick them, and just watch with joy as they pop those beasts in their mouths. Simple.

You Can STILL Use Barbecue Sauce, Too

Forget spaghetti. Forget salads. Just eating them with barbecue sauce at a buffet, and you wouldn’t even know the difference that there’s no red meat in there. How’s that for cleverness. Creativity. Your kids love meatballs? Cook these suckers, and they really wouldn’t even know the difference.

That’s just the start of what you can do with arugula, though. There’s a ton you can do with the leafy green. Check it out here and be inspired. After all…. We love invention!