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Here are the top 10 raw foods you should be adding to your diet on a regular basis. The pros? The9041948559_ae975fe9d8_by’re all amazingly delicious foods that you don’t have to choke down for the sake of good health!

1. Cultured vegetables – (or fermented) vegetables are some of the best foods you can put in your body. They’re not only an easy to digest raw food (the fermentation process pre-digests the starches in the foods and makes them easier for your body to process and absorb), but they are also a super source for a wide range of enzymes and probiotics that help build immunity, improve digestion and nutrient absorption and enliven your overall health.

2. Coconut – are one of the most naturally hydrating foods, especially the young varieties. The natural electrolyte composition of coconut water is better at re-hydrating the body than any other sport/nutrition drink and is the best match to what your body already produces.

3. Chia Seeds – they have more omega 3’s and antioxidants than flax and have been used for centuries as a life sustaining food. In addition, Chia seeds are an easily digested food, provide easy access nutrients to the body and are one of the most complete plant-based sources of protein available.

4. Leafy Greens – it’s almost impossible to get enough greens. If given the chance, you could ingest greens for every meal and see only benefits from it. Leafy greens like kale, chard, beet greens, collards and spinach, are high in chlorophyll, a powerful antioxidant, vitamins C and E, fiber, enzymes and amino acids. Eating leafy greens raw preserves their utmost nutritional concentration and makes for a more filling meal.

5. Seeds – are high in fiber, vitamin E, and healthy unsaturated fats that can help keep your brain and heart healthy. Raw seeds are also a good source of protein, zinc, which is good for your immune system, and have been linked to lower levels of the bad LDL cholesterol.

3147501806_ac8bc5efda_z6. Seaweeds – such as kelp, nori, wakame and arame have an estimated 10-20 times the average nutrients in land plants and are one of the richest sources of chlorophyll available. Seaweeds are extremely high in minerals and are said to be one of the most easily assimilated sources of minerals for the human bloodstream.

7. Sprouts – As the growth process begins during sprouting, food enzymes are activated, nutrient levels increase and new vitamins and minerals are taken on. In fact, per calorie sprouts are said to provide more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins than any other food. Sprouts are also high in phytonutrients and chlorophyll, which play an antioxidant role in your body.

8. Blueberries– they have more antioxidants than any other fruit, quite a bit of heart healthy fiber and are a natural brain food. Blueberries are not a hard one to add to your diet, they’re versatile, ready to eat and you can never have too many!

9. Bee Pollen – It is made up of about 40% protein and, as you may assume due to all its nutrients, is an amazing source of energy. It has also been studied for its ability to decrease seasonal allergies when you eat locally produced pollen, as well as its impact on endurance during exercise.

download-710. Chocolate – ok, so not just your plain old chocolate bar but raw chocolate, or cacao, sits right up there in the super-food category. Raw cacao nibs, which are what chocolate producers roast and process into cocoa, are rich in magnesium, which is an essential nutrient for energy production in your cells. Raw cacao is also packed with antioxidants and may help relieve stress due to natural serotonin levels. Don’t get carried away with this one though – like other superfoods, raw cacao is good in moderation and it’s benefits decrease quickly when sugar and processing is involved.

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