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Even though it’s April fool’s, don’t worry there are no jokes from us, we promise!!

We hope you all had a beautiful sunny week! It was such a great week to get outside and get some Vitamin D… and the waves weren’t too bad either.

The sun seems to be helping out the produce and everything is finally drying out. Sometimes too much rain can be a bad thing for growing (especially strawberries). For those of you who asked, we will get some avocados soon, but right now the supply is still suffering from that crazy freeze we had and prices are way high!

Let your friends know about Golden Gate Organics, and if they sign up we’ll give you a $10 credit towards your next order. Just our way of saying thanks.

Please remember to leave your box from your last delivery out on your delivery day so we can pick them up and reuse or recycle them. Same goes for the eco-bags we use (although we just recycle those).

Your order is ready for you to log in and make subs. Just sign into your account and if you see something you want to sub out, all you have to do is click on it and choose a replacement.

If you have any questions, you can reply to this email or send us a note on our contact page.

Have a great week everyone, hope you make it to the beach this weekend!