Why Golden Gate Organics Is Your Premium Choice in the California Bay Area


We’ll be completely frank here: if you live in the Bay Area of California, you’re bound to get your organic produce or veggies just about anywhere, so how are Golden Gate Organics any different? What separates us? Why should you stock up on your organic produce with us? Simply put…. You’re family. You’re, therefore, not simply a ‘customer’.

Golden Gate Organics Is the Only Service in the Bay Area That Is 100% Certified Organic

The label’s important. Because anyone can put the word “organic” on a box. But to certify that what’s in the box is of the highest quality? That’s what 100% certified means. Plus the only thing you have to pay for is the actual product —

  • No Additional Fees
  • Not One Surcharge
  • Zero Monthly Membership Fees

Nope. Instead we have just good, clean, fresh and fulfilling 100% organic produce, veggies and other groceries you can get your hands on for the good of your health. That’s right: even delivery is free. Just click here and view our options for delivery!

That’s Not All: We Also Have the HIGHEST Yelp Rating in the Bay Area

And it helps that we also deliver to businesses in the area. Locally owned, operated, and with tender loving care — we’re all about the entire industry itself, and not just one farm. In fact, we’re partners with multiple farmers in the Bay Area, allowing us to service you immediately! No farm 160 miles away. Hence we’re everywhere.

And the best part? (WE ALREADY HINTED AT IT) …. There is NO CONTRACT. None. Hence you pay as you go. You can set your own delivery schedule. When you need us, we deliver. And we deliver fast.

That’s Why Golden Gate Organics Is Your BEST Choice for Organic Produce

And not just produce. But nearly limitless options for groceries, everything from sauces to dairy — and even chocolate! We can deliver it all.

So don’t hesitate. Supercharge your kitchen with the best 100% certified organics the industry has to offer. How? By signing up for regular delivery. It’s EASY!