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We want to be clear that while this sounds ‘good’, it may not be good for the entire whole foods industry and sustainable market including organics. Why? The brick-and-mortar stores and farms will honestly, ultimately lose out big time. All because of Amazon.

However, Nothing Against Amazon, But We’re Pretty Sure Whole Foods Market Won’t Complainwhole foods market-1

They’ll be reaping the benefits in a big way. After all, Amazon’s the lion in an industry full of sheep. They’ve dominated retail — except for groceries. This is Amazon’s defining moment: purchasing Whole Foods Market at $42.00 a share with a deal that’s currently valued at $13.7 BILLIONB-I-L-L-I-O-N. Remarkable, right? This is arguably the sign that the whole foods industry — which includes organic produce — will dominate it all for a long time to come.

This means you can get your grocery purchases via Amazon without a problem now, as they’ve acquired arguably one of the largest whole food retailers in the United States. Convenience. Quickness. And with the multiple health benefits — Paleo, gluten free, with emphasis on slow food, the way it had been before down to the grass roots, from farm to table.

Here’s why Whole Foods Market specifically benefits, though: their shares have gone up. How much? By 28%. This means that the value of the brand has gone up, meaning big money for investors (and, of course, for Whole Foods Market). Unprecedented. And groundbreaking.

We Saw It Coming a Mile Away, But It Turns Out That Even Groceries Will Be Purchased on a Computer Screen Now

And Amazon’s the beginning of that trend now (which has already been around for some time — we just haven’t seen it). The brick-and-mortar will crumble. So long to the long lines and crowded aisles. And, sadly, a lot of our local whole food stores — and farms — might also struggle as well….

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