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Three strawberries arranged in a heart shape.

As the tangy aftertaste of National Grapefruit Month leaves us, it becomes time for strawberry season to start. Valentine’s Day may have passed, but these delectable, tasty heart shaped fruits are sure to make their way onto your plates in the next few months. Why wait? Get them in your local organic produce delivery from Golden Gate Organics. See pricing and availability here.

But before I launch into all the benefits of this fruit, allow me to give you a brief background on it.  Strawberries were first mentioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans as “Alpine berries,” and were cultivated in the Middle Ages for their medicinal values. They were said to calm the nerves, soothe sunburn, and even possess antibacterial properties! Now, I’m not suggesting that you take a bath in strawberry juice or carry around a vial of crushed strawberry as an alternative to hand sanitizers, but those seem like some berry good health benefits!

Vitamin CIn addition to their delicious flavor and unique texture, strawberries are an excellent source of nutrients.  One cup provides 136% of your daily Vitamin C needs and a fair amount of manganese and dietary fiber. Because of its high Vitamin C content, the strawberry has even been shown to help protect against rheumatoid arthritis! Both your taste buds and your joints will be happy!

Did you know California produces nearly 83% of all the strawberries grown in the US? It seems as if there’s no better place to live when it comes to getting fresh fruits and vegetable!

Cooking tip: Try mixing strawberries with some balsamic vinegar and a touch of pepper for a unique snack! And if vinegar isn’t your thing, you can whip up some heavy cream and serve the strawberries with a dollop of your homemade whipped cream and some raw honey.