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Sure, it’s a given that beets have that richness we all love regarding nutrients and even fiber (or maybe you didn’t know that). Yes, they’re good for you. But just how good are beets for you? Sometimes breaking down the benefits really does help you see the light on what beets can do for your body. So don’t be surprised when your jaw drops over hearing about some of the stuff you never considered. Yes, vitamins are great; but did you know just what they can do for you at the best quantities and what-beets-can-do-1qualities? Beets speak the truth!

Aside From All Sorts of Nutrients and Fiber….

Beets even can help reduce the risk of birth defects.

You heard correctly. Birth defects. And here’s why: Beets happen to contain the rare B vitamin folate, which has been known to benefit prenatal health. Shocking, right? Yes, knowing what beets can do for your body is essential especially when those little roots are chock full of vitamin C as well. Plus fiber. And also other essential minerals like potassium. Now we know a lot of foods have that mineral. But what you don’t know is that beets are literally packed with them, in just one small beet root (and the greens). Hardly would fill you up at all. Talk about economy!

Additionally, manganese is another mineral beets are well known for, providing nourishment for bones, liver, kidneys and the pancreas. All you need is a few beets per week, and you’re set! There are some veggies out there where you need a healthy serving just to get a good percentage of that, and really all you need are three beats, and that’s it!

You Can Then See That What Beets Can Do for the Body Involves a Lot of Convenience!

And in this day and age, convenience is key. Now we know it’s not exactly customary to keep some beet roots and greens packed in your lunch box, but in all honesty, is it all that bad? Knowing that there are so many benefits of beets out there, I’d carry an entire garden of these beets with me wherever I go!