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Corey here, excited to bring you another week of freshlocally-sourced, organic produce that we’ve handpicked for your enjoyment. As we transition into the back-to-school season, we’re offering a special 10% off the first 4 deliveries for new customers. Use the discount code: BTS23.

This week, we’re featuring Bi-color Corn from Dwelley Farm in Brentwood and Green Leaf Lettuce from Sunrise Farm; two of our most local farms that we support all year ’round. We also have Lacinato Kale and Purple Baby Broccoli from Tomatero Farm and Coke Farm respectively. Fun fact: Coke Farm also supplies the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park with farm-fresh food for their cafeteria!

Other seasonal local items include Yellow Crookneck Squash from Sunrise Farm, Honey Punch Plums from Homegrown Organic Gardens, and Valencia Oranges from Rainbow Valley Orchards. 

Our Artisanal items for the week are limited but special. We have Tomatero Blackberries, Bunched Purple Carrots from Sunrise Farm, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms from Far West Fungi, Green Tomatillos from Comanche Farm, and Cucumber Lemons from Anna’s Farm. Cucumber Lemons are a unique variety that looks like a lemon but tastes like a sweet, mild cucumber – a fun addition to your salads!

And to welcome the start of the cooler season, we have the first Winter Squash of the season – Acorn Squash from Calway Farm. 

As always, we encourage you to get creative in the kitchen with these ingredients. Try grilling the corn, making a fresh salad with the lettuce, or baking a delicious kale and broccoli quiche. The possibilities are endless!

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Thank you for choosing local organic farms and eating sustainably with us!

With Love & Care,

Corey Tufts, Founder & CEO