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Nothing but homemade goodness and with a lot of “free” in the mix to optimize the health. Clearly, the Veggie Grill, a unique restaurant chain for fast food, isn’t just about organics, and somehow they manage to make a grilled dish without killing a single cow, chicken or pig. And here’s how:

The Veggie Grill Packs the Veggies and Turns the Heat Up, UnafraidVeggie Grill Restaurant

We’re not joking. This is a restaurant totally free of meat, even dairy. No eggs, no saturated animal fat. They don’t even have cholesterol, antibiotics, trans fat, gluten and soy. You can’t get much more natural than that, and yet they pack a mean punch with their food, earning them the right to call themselves a grill.

What they do is pack their veggies into strip, breast or steak shapes made from the best organic or non-GMO soybeans, wheat and peas. The combination allows for a great grilling feast, capable of holding up to the fire and enjoying the sizzle of spices, dry rubs, or marinades. You’ll be fooled; trust us.

They don’t hold out on the supergrains either, featuring everything from millet, to buckwheat, quinoa (of course), and brown rice as excellent sides to these tasty dishes over the charcoal. We’re willing to bet you’ll want something to wash all of that down, which of course they do have that on the menu: homemade lemonade, organic teas — and get this, even beer and wine! Locally produced, of course, which believe it or not their products are all free of high-fructose corn syrup.

Sounds Too Good to Be True — But Just so You Know, the Veggie Grill’s Growing

You’ll find the chain heralding the organic fast-food market everywhere, from California, to Oregon, to Washington. So it’ll be only a matter of time before the Heartland sees it, the Midwest sees it, and then the East Coast sees it. Then you can imagine grill masters everywhere foregoing the wicked strip steak and opting for some hearty veggies to fire up on the grill. Can’t beat that.