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The crazy thing is this seems to be contrary to the point of vegetarianism: as in, vegetarians only eat vegetables. After all, it’s in the label! However, as lifestyles evolve and the whole point behind vegetarianism advances, it becomes clear — vegetarians don’t just eat vegetables. They actually eat a lot more! And they should…. So then why do vegetarians eat fish? After all, a fish is an animal. You’ve seen plenty of vegetarians say that they’re happy with cod or trout, and a lot won’t feel guilty about peeling open a can of sardines.

The Question of Why Do Vegetarians Eat Fish Does Have Three Answers, do-vegetarians-eat-fish-1Though

And they’re great answers. Undisputed even. We can’t call them hypocrites for good reason. The fact is there’s real science behind the study of “pescetarianism” (a form of vegetarianism supplemented by the consumption of fish), and it makes you wonder — you can have your cake (or in this case, tuna steak on the grill) and eat it, too!

These three reasons alone will ensure you, the vegetarian, will never feel guilty cutting into a healthy trout glazed with honey lemon sauce. Overall, though, we at Golden Gate Organics want to make one thing clear:

Health Ultimately Matters the Most

Arguably, fish may be the most “organic” meat known to man. You can’t really genetically improve it. You can’t beef it up with hormones. You can’t do any of that. They’re caught, iced, chopped, packaged, and shipped out to all our stores and restaurants. The fresh picks are always the best.

And here’s the best part: you can pair that fish with some lovely organic vegetables and fruit.