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5 Years ago in 2006 I had no idea what Organic food was. Sure I had heard of it but never really understood what it was, nor did I really care. I was content eating my Taco Bell meals with Mountain Dew to wash ’em down. By this time I had been married to my wife, Tiffany, for around 3 years and she loved Taco Bell as much as I did.

Looking back now, it was around that time Tiffany, due to some personal reasons, started to become more conscious of the food she and I were eating. I continued eating whatever was cheap and easy, mainly Hamburger Helper and Tostito’s Pizza Roles, with Ranch. I also started to hear about things like “MSG’s”, “High Fructose Corn Syrup”, and “Organic”. I even started paying attention, mostly because Tiffany made me. She wouldn’t eat anything with MSG’s or High Fructose Corn Syrup. She would explain what a Free Range Chicken is and mention that we should buy Organic food.

I’m not sure how long it took but I finally started to listen. I have to be honest; at first I didn’t take her to seriously. I thought she was going through a phase. Boy was I wrong. She was serious and it took a while to sink it. It didn’t hurt her case that I started to see Organic sections pop up at supermarkets. I watched documentaries on seed companies that genetically engineer vegetables and fruits. I heard stories on NPR about how most cows are fed corn instead of grass and if people were to cut some meat out of there diet it would do wonders to help combat global warming.

Now here we are 5 years later in 2011. What an impact this Organic/Green movement has had on us. I would confidently say that we have done our part to be at the leading edge of this movement. Our incandescent light bulbs were replaced many years ago with compact fluorescent. We continue to recycle and purchase items made of recycled materials. Now we are proud to take a giant step in the right direction by opening Golden Gate Organics and proudly offering you some of the freshest and highest quality Organic produce available anywhere in the Bay Area.

Our goal at Golden Gate Organics is to provide industry best customer service while delivering the freshest, healthiest, and most importantly local Organic food. We have pioneered a customer sign-up and account management system that is second to none. No other delivery service allows you to customize your box of fruit and/or vegetables as easily, or as in depth, as ours does. We are very confident that we have a real winner with Golden Gate Organics and look forward to proving that to you, our customer.