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Growing up playing and foraging in the woods of rural Michigan, founder Owen Rice acquired a taste for morels as a child. This passion for the distinctive flavors of locally available wild and specialty foods followed him to the mountains of Oregon, where he founded Mycological Natural Products, a company dedicated to bringing gourmet edible mushrooms and other fruits of the forest to consumers and chefs, in 1995.

Today, Mycological has expanded its product offerings to include dried chiles and additional wild and organically grown specialty food ingredients.

Get spicy local organic peppers in an organic produce delivery from Golden Gate Organics.

“Our cultivated products, including organically farmed mushrooms and chiles, come from small, certified organic farms in the verdant Willamette Valley (where we are located), and other regions. We work with dozens of small farmers to source the highest quality products and are excited to play a role in supporting the growth of sustainable organic farming practices.”
Terra Dolce 1.25oz package of organic dried Anaheim chile peppers.  With a Scoville heat unit range of 500 – 1,500.  The Anaheim chile is one of the mildest dried chile peppers.  Also known as the California Chile, it is just a bit hotter than the bell pepper.  The vibrant red sauce made from this flavorful chile is traditional on enchiladas, huevos rancheros, tamales, and chilaquiles. 

Terra Dolce Organic Dried New Mexico Chile Peppers 1.25oz package.  Scoville heat unit range of 500 to 2,500.  The New Mexico Chile is wildly popular in the state of New Mexico, and has become the defining ingredient in the regional cuisine.  This Chile has mild heat intensity and makes a flavorful base for many types of red chile sauces.

Terra Dolce organic chipotle dried chile peppers 2oz package.  Has Scoville heat units between 25,000 to 35,000.  The Chipotle chile pepper is a dried, smoked Jalapeno with medium heat intensity.  It is a key ingredient in traditional Mexican cuisine and adds a smoky, rich fruity flavor to dishes such as salsas, chile, beans and rice, and barbeque sauce.  Source:  USA 

Get spicy local organic peppers in an organic produce delivery from Golden Gate Organics.

Terra Dolce .75 package of organic dried Bird’s Eye chile peppers.  With a scoville heat unit range of 100,000 – 175,000.  The African Bird’s Eye Chile, also known as the Piri Piri Chile, is a spicy, earthy chile that combines well with citrus and acid flavors.  Steep in vinegar for an easy condiment, add to marinades for meat, chicken, or shrimp, or use to make Portuguese piri piri sauce.  Source:  India

To prepare Bird’s Eye Chiles, remove and discard stems if present. Chiles may be crushed, chopped, or simply used whole.  During preparation chile oils will cling to fingers;  WEAR GLOVES or WASH HANDS thoroughly before touching sensitive areas such as eyes. 

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