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Sure, you’ll lose out on the crackers. But who needs crackers? You can skip that if you want to go gluten-free. As far as dinner options for going gluten-free goes, you’ve got possibilities. But what about the bread? Or the pasta? What then? Check out these two options….

Because These Two Options Will Make Skipping Crackers and Bread Seem Likego-gluten-free-bread-1 a Breeze

The key is taking advantage of all sorts of pasta alternatives. Namely vegetable pasta or vegetable noodles! Yes, there is such a thing. You just have to prepare the veggies just right. An option you might like would be zucchini fettuccini! Cut the veggie in just the right way, boil the strings, and you have something similar to your favorite fettuccini noodles. Additionally, carrots make for a great spachetti substitute. All you need is that peeler, and you’re good to go.

What about bread crumbs, though? You can’t go without those bread crumbs, those perfect binders for everything meat loaf related and so on and so forth. How do you keep the meatballs all together without the bread crumbs? The good news is this: yes we have an alternative here, utilizing almond meal ‘bread crumbs, which also seconds as a coating for fried anything. Who knew? Look for almond meal anywhere you find groceries, especially alternative sections, and you’re golden.

These Are Great Options for When You Want Something Italian

As far as dinner options go for gluten-free, these are super winners for the food aficionado. Of course, you can employ all the other great options we have available for gluten-free dinners, and the possibilities are actually endless. Italian food, however, must have the filling grains. That’s how you get the belly happy. The good news now is you can get those filling ‘grains’ without the gluten. And that’s amore.