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Golden Gate Organics was proud to offer Rockside Ranch Eggs. However, the farm stopped offering their eggs. Consequently Golden Gate Organics decided to also stop offering eggs to focus on providing an exceptional produce experience.

Straight From The Ranch

Rockside Ranch Eggs come from Rockside Ranch nestled on a small 100 acre farm in the Scott Valley of Northern California. As a pasture-based farm their animals live outside with convenient access to shelter as they need it. On their ranch over 1,000 chickens a year are fed a soy-free diet which is amazingly healthy for them. Multiple times each week the chickens are moved to a new pasture to keep them clean, healthy, exercised, and safe. The difference can be tasted in Rockside Ranch Eggs too. You can see their moveable chicken coops in the picture above and also a Llama! What!? In the winter the chickens are kept cage-free with access to the outdoors whenever they feel like venturing out.

The Apprenticeship Program

One of the most caring aspects of Rockside Ranch Eggs is their youth apprenticeship program for homeless, incarcerated, or rehabilitating young men. At Rockside Ranch they receive care, are removed from negative influences, and are given a chance to start over. Additionally, their apprentices learn how to live on a farm and work hard learning how to take care of animals, wash eggs, and many other valuable experiences. Learn more about their program by watching this video.

When you purchase Rockside Ranch Eggs from Golden Gate Organics you help support their apprenticeship program and the life changing work Rockside Ranch does for young people.

Ready For Rockside Ranch Egg Delivery?

Click here to order Rockside Ranch Eggs from Golden Gate Organics in the Bay Area or please give us a call at 510-698-9446 or send us a message.

Visit our Northern California organic farms page to learn about all the local organic farms we support throughout the seasons.

A bowl of farm fresh eggs.

For more information or to arrange a visit at their farm please contact Rockside Ranch:

Rockside Ranch
2421 N. State Highway 3
Etna, CA 96027