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If you haven’t read this article, yet, on the best ways to use celeriac (or “celery root”), please do so now, because with this particular novel entry on an innovative way to eat celeriac, you’re guaranteed to have a full-on full-course meal when you put all three together. Soup. Salad. And…. Chips??

Yep, You Got It — CELERY ROOT CHIPS, to Be Exactceleriac chips

And there is a way to get it done right, as celeriac can be difficult to work with if you’re thinking of slicing and dicing. Once you’ve got it done, though, you’re set for a plethora of possibilities, and this is one recipe for a snack or side that’ll blow your mind.

Take the celery root on your chopping table and start slicing into quarters. The key is to slice each quarter then as thinly as you can possible do it, as when you roast the chips with the olive oil, you want to brown it through as much as possible. It may take you a while, but it’s well worth it, as these kind of chips will keep for quite awhile.

Once you’ve got it all sliced up, toss all of them into enough olive oil to coat from front to back, top to bottom, and everything in between. Sprinkle with some good ol’ fashioned seasoned salt (or celery salt, or sea salt, whichever you prefer). Spread it all on a sheet pan to put in the oven at 350.

You’re going to have to watch the chips pretty carefully, because you want some white left with a deep golden brown around most of the celery root chips. Too dark, and they’ll be a little bitter for your taste. Get them right, and you can take them out of the oven for cooling, but it won’t take long….

Because You Can Very Soon Enjoy Some ACTUAL Celery Root Chips While Watching Your Favorite Movie

Or as we mentioned…. Have those chips with celery root soup and a celeriac salad. Talk about celeriac overload, right? But in this case…. The overload isn’t bad at all.