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Organic Box of Fruits and Veggies

Some delicious looking fruits and veggies!

Hello all! Everything looked amazing this morning!

Some of you may have noticed that your box contains more or less of certain items listed on your menu. There were less grapefruits than expected this morning so we  substituted apples, bananas, or peaches in some boxes.

golden gate organics - organic broccoliWe also gave everyone an extra Easy Girl tomato because they’re so good that we felt the need to share more. For those who ordered mushrooms, you will also be receiving more than listed – and they are looking delicious!

The bananas were a little on the greener side, but put them on top of your refrigerator and they’ll be ready to eat in just a few days.

Golden Gate Organics Raspberries

mmm.... organic raspberries!

We hope that everyone enjoys their delicious and nutritious organic goodies this week! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line on our contact page. You can also contact us at 510-982-3026.