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oragnic tomatoesHappy Tuesday! Our drivers are out delivering boxes, so everyone should get theirs nice and early today.


We didn’t get all the corn that we wanted, so we had to sub in some other produce, if you are missing corn, then look for extra Green Bell Peppers, Lettuce, Grapefruit, or Eggplant, we tried to make sure everyone got something they liked!

All The Rest

The Mangos are fantastic (I’m eating one like an apple right now!) and have broken the meter at an 11. The oranges taste great (thank you Riverdog Farm) and everything else looked really amazing.

What Say You!?Rainbow Chard

We’d love to hear your feedback and we’re always looking for reviews or quotes. Have something to say or leave a review somewhere online? Let us know and we’ll give you some bonus produce in your next delivery.

Hope y’all enjoy the boxes!

green bell peppersOrganic Grapefruit