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Happy Delivery Day Everyone!

The produce looked beautiful and bright this morning! We are so lucky to have pomegranates this week! They came in looking gorgeous and ready to eat. Pomegranates are a great source of vitamins C and B and potassium. For those of you who eat the pomegranates edible seeds, you get a high source of fiber and unsaturated oils. They are perfect for snacking and juicing. Just don’t get its juice on your clothes, it stains!

We suggest eating the bananas within the next couple of days. They are ripe! A good way of extending the shelf life of a banana is by putting the in the fridge. The skin will turn a dark brown relatively fast, but no worries! The bananas will stay ripe, fresh and ready to eat for much longer than being on the counter.

The spaghetti squash came in awesome and big! The persimmons looked fantastic. All around, today’s produce was issue-free! 🙂

We would love to hear how you’ll be using your produce items this week! Feel free to share your recipes, tips and tricks on our Facebook page! Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments! We love to talk 🙂