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Hello All and Happy Delivery Day!

The produce looked great today! There are no major problems to report, just great photos of some delicious organic goodies. The apples are sweet, crisp, beautifully red, and just awesome!

We were also extremely pleased with the eggplant and bok choy this morning. They look really good! As I talked about in Friday’s blog post, both eggplant and bok choy are so great because they are easy to cook with, versatile for dishes and simply delicious!

We were also excited for the lettuce this morning. They were huge! The bananas were just right. Feel free to eat them now, or if you like them really ripe, leave them on the counter for a few days. They should last well through the week.

One change to note, contrary to the menu posted online, we had baby broccoli, or broccolini, instead of regular broccoli this morning. However, the baby broccoli is in fine shape! They are just as delicious and nutritious as broccoli. Broccolini is high in vitamin C but also contains vitamin A, calcium, folate, and iron.

We weren’t too thrilled with the oranges this week. They are good to eat, but we will be looking for better ones in the coming weeks. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Have any problems with your box this week? Feel Free to contact us directly with any questions, comments or inquiries. We love to talk! 🙂

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