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How do you truly know where that meat in a box comes from at the grocery store? You don’t. For all you know, there could be more cardboard in there. And the words on the box don’t mean anything either. This is arguably the best advantage to those organic farmer markets is that there is no mystery — you practically see where your food comes from! You know exactly what you’re eating.

You Can, in Fact, Talk to the EXACT Person Who Grew the Food You Bought atorganic farmer markets-1 the Organic Farmer Markets!

Think about how valuable that really is! You’re the one eating those meals day in, day out — there’s security in safety knowing that someone, someone reputable, grew that food. Whether it’s milk, or cheese, or meat, or all sorts of crops.

Well-known CUESA actually highlights all organic farmer markets with profiles, articles and even maps for you to access and find those golden nuggets of truth in the culinary world, so don’t believe in the myth that it’s too hard to find them. Yes, it’s more convenience pulling your car up into the massive parking lot of your closest grocery store chain, but a few extra miles wouldn’t hurt to then pull up to your local organic farmer markets in the Bay Area, knowing exactly what you’re buying, and who you’re buying it from.

Instantly, Your Health Skyrockets

And who knew it was all because you’re well aware of what you’re putting into your body. Makes sense. There’s no better way to know than to actually hear it from the one who provided it. Right in person. Verbally.

Organic farmer markets are personalized. Real. Simple. And it’s all about people. Not boxes, brands or logos. That’s why Golden Gate Organics partners with all of them in the Bay Area, and you should SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW!

Be in the know.