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The name of the organic dairy producer here in the U.S. making some headlines is Organic Valley. They’re the largest in the game, responsible for selling milk to such brands as Stonyfield Yogurt. You can’t their organic dairy; there’s just one slight problem, though — domestic shortages.

There’s Just Not Enough Supply of the Organic Grains We Really Needorganic dairy-1

Which is quite sad. And a bit alarming. What can we possibly do when such a reputable brand like Organic Valley resorts to buying imported feed? You can’t blame them.

You can’t even blame the sources as well, because it happens to be those local farms outsourcing for imported grains from Turkey and Romania, selling them to Organic Valley, and making the profit they need to stay afloat. Of course, we’re not saying that Organic Valley happens to use those grains at all. It just means that the fact we have to outsource for those supposedly organic imports makes it a bit difficult to maintain true 100% organic quality.

In all fairness, this is just a symptom of the problem, and not the problem itself. Call it the “fake” organic food market if you want: the fact is organic food is getting more and more popular, and much harder to keep up on the demand, which forces even farmers to outsource just to maintain the business relationships with producers like Organic Valley. After all, we have an economy to worry about.

There Is a Solution, However, and We Don’t Mean to Toot Our Own Horn….

Golden Gate Organics. Us. We’re cool. We’re cool, because we’re completely local. We don’t outsource. The farms we have business relationships with don’t either. The only issue is that we’re so local that you need to be in the Bay area just to receive our organic food deliveries. So, again, you just can’t blame the market. It’s gotten so big that there’s almost no way around it.

The hope is that one day we’ll be leveled out to the point that organics will have a decent share of the market without any loss of supply. Costs need to go down a bit. Investments need to be made. The thought leaders need to care more about the fact that organic food is important enough to warrant the cost. Something has to bend, people!

….But until then, you can always SIGN UP FOR GGO!