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Local Organic Fruit Availability

Yesterday and today I’ve been eating so many delicious Strawberries! We have more this week for you too. As the days get longer more sunlight means more delicious summertime fruits coming into season. The strawberries this week from Tomatero Organic Farm are the best of the three local farms with availability. The red color is nice which means they are getting plenty of sunlight and not too much hot weather. The rich red color is also a tell-tale sign of abundant antioxidants too. The blueberries from Homegrown Organic Farms were big, plump, and juicy last week and that should be the same this week too. I can’t wait. Blueberries and strawberries, and mangoes, are my favorite fruits. We also have a limited supply of amazing mangoes from Mexico but this time they will be Ataulfo mangoes which are a little smaller but just as tasty. The California mangoes will not be ready until the end of summer as they need a ton of time in the sun to grow and ripen. But when they are ready I will have them for you like we did last summer!

By request we also have Meyer Lemons from Marsalisi Organics in Watsonville. Valencia oranges and Gold Nugget mandarins are available again this week as well as some very nice sized grapefruits for all you grapefruit lovers out there. The citrus season is quickly winding down so please savor these delicious bursts of juicy flavor while you can. Stone fruit season is just around the corner though. Next, we have the best California Hass Avocados in most of the boxes this week. Finally, we have some Harper Melons this week fresh out of Mexico. These are crunchier than cantaloupe but still have the orange flesh. I’ve been told this is the sweetest of all the melons too. California melons should be starting in the next few weeks and we are very excited for that!


Local Organic Veggie Availability


The zucchini from last week was a little big but I thought it was otherwise pretty good for the second week of the California zucchini season. Much more ahead! Yellow ginger is available again. For those that love ginger this is as fresh as you can get it without picking it yourself. Red Garnett sweet potatoes are back this week too. We also have a limited supply of cucumbers and Yellow Peppers from mexico which you might enjoy as a substitute for a more local item. Asparagus is going strong and is available to purchase if you love it as much as I do. How about these artichokes lately? Most of the Small Family size boxes have one this week. The farm they come from, Spade & Plow Organics in San Martin, which is just before Gilroy. Owned and farmed by Mike and his two sons, Nick and Sam, they have their own CSA program at the farm but work with us to share their ridiculously awesome artichokes in the Bay Area. If you haven’t tried their artichokes then you are definitely missing out on some of the best local organic produce from one of the smallest farms in the area!


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