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What a beautiful week! The weather was HOT, records were broken around the Bay, and the summer solstice, also known as the longest day of the year, isn’t even until next Wednesday! Not a great thing considering the climate change crisis but great for a nice Saturday motorcycle ride with my girlfriend Jen through the back roads of Marin!

Jen and I at Point Reyes Station!

Please help by doing your part to cut emissions and conserve resources. Turn of lights and appliances that aren’t in use. Ride that bike to work, carpool, and wear those jeans two or three times before washing them! I would bet money that most of you are already doing those things anyway but we can always do a bit more to help the environment and our future generations by setting a good example for our friends, family, and community. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I heard some good news come in this morning! and other groups have successfully collected the more than 500,000 signatures required to get the chance for California voters to vote on whether genetically modified foods should be labeled or not. The secretary of state certified the measure this week for the November ballot! Please pass the word and encourage your friends and family to vote to pass the new law in the Fall. If it passes California will be the first state to require labeling of foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. Check out the full story on our Facebook feed here.

Also this week our buddy Kasper Koczab visited us from the East Bay Express to help us with what we have to do to be recognized in their yearly Best of the East Bay issue.

Getting a “Best Of” is quite an accomplishment and Wayne and I are working hard to get the word out to everyone to vote for Golden Gate Organics for Best New Business and also as a write in for Best Delivery Service. You can vote here. You are required to vote for 20 different ‘Best Of’ categories which at first seemed like a lot but after I voted I realized that there are quite a few businesses, bars, bartenders, coffee shops, barbers, Farmer’s Markets, parks, etc that I frequent on a regular basis and it was actually pretty easy. I was able to sensibly vote on many more than the minimum 20. So pretty please with organic cherries on top vote for us! It would mean so much for Wayne and I and GGO! We will not be able to do it without all our loyal and wonderful customers.

On a special note; I have a soft-spot in my heart for my dad and in honor of him and all the other dads out there I have a special Father’s Day coupon code THANKSDAD that is good for 20% off any box. Tell your dad he needs to eat better so he’ll be around for many more Father’s Days to come and have him sign-up! Not to mention that eating less red-meat and more veggies helps lower chances of heart disease!.

This week’s recipe: Grilled Zucchini and Squash

It is one of my favorites!

Thanks everyone and have safe and happy weekend!

Corey and Wayne