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National Grapefruit MonthIt’s National Grapefruit month! The end of February is almost here, so the time to celebrate grapefruit is now. Bursting with vitamin C, Grapefruit is a perfect low sodium snack and can help lower your cholesterol.

Did you know you can grow a grapefruit plant indoors or on your balcony? Dwarf citrus trees can be kept to a very manageable size, reaching only 6 to 8 feet, much smaller then a normal citrus tree (Citrus Trees- LA Times)

A perfect way to start the day is with a nice organic grapefruit. It’s great for breakfast, try cutting one in half and sprinkling just a little bit of sugar over the top. Those are some very different ways to use a grapefruit, but they sure are awesome.

Cooking tip: try slices of grapefruit on your next chicken salad or as a garnish for cheesecake. Uncommon ideas that are surprisingly delicious!