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As the days shrink; the nights become longer, earlier. At sunset Mother Earth comforts us in her shadow and lulls us to sleep. The rays of light from our closest star, the sun, now approach the axis of our planet at a steeper angle. We people feel this imperceptible effect on our circadian rhythm as do the fruit, vegetables, and all plants and animals. Winter is coming and so is our seasonal precipitation.

As the weather changes with the seasons, our seasonal offerings of fresh organic produce adjust naturally. We are fortunate here in California for temperatures that, generally, do not dip below freezing too much. Here is where the bulk of our organic farms have found their niche in our state. Near where we live and eat locally; just a drive away.


Seasonal Fall Squash

Mixed Fall Squash Harvest Golden Gate Organics


This week we are delighted to share wil you delicious Satsuma mandarins. This winter citrus staple delights sustainable foodies here in the Bay Area foodshed. Last week was the first harvest of the season, and not as sweet as I like, but Jen loved the flavorful sour taste. As we received fresher and fresher satsumas throughout last week I could taste them getting sweeter every new day they came in. This week I am optimistic that they will be even more full of sweetness.

On the savory side we have another fall staple: spaghetti squash. Its a vegetable and its spaghetti. Its a miracle of culinary concepts and we have them in most boxes this week to nourish your body and mind. Roast your squash, add some tomato sauce, garlic, and some other veggies, (or use this recipe) then enjoy the early evening meal with your loved one. Finally, after dinner is cleaned up and the dishes are done, curl up, be cozy, full, and happy. That is what good, healthy, organic food does for you. We should all feel fortunate for what we have.

With great care,

Corey Tufts and the Team at Golden Gate Organics