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The one thing Amazon could never really do well was this: groceries. They nailed the rest of retail into the proverbial digital wall — except for this unchecked, unmarked, and virtually wild world of grocery shopping. Dealing with perishables. Risky business, don’t you think? So you have to wonder what kind of gamble Amazon will be taking as they seek to buy out arguably the biggest whole foods retailer in the entire United States, Whole Foods Market. Amazon has one ace up the sleeve: millennials. That millennials-1group of people is the key to their success given the propensity to focus more on sustainability, organics, paleo, gluten free, and artisanal foods a true artist would love

But Why Do Millennials Matter in the Business of Online Grocery Shopping?

You can simply look at the metrics and be wowed by the fact that this isn’t just a convenience. It’s an unmistakable trend. An unstoppable trend. So Amazon sees the writing on the wall and wants to capitalize on it by acquiring Whole Foods Market, because according to the research, millennials have the majority for online grocery spending more than anyone else in the USA.

The fact is only 12% of all consumers bought their groceries online back in 2016. But the trend is growing; more people are seeing the convenience and the quality, leaving behind the brick-and-mortar, and it makes perfect sense. Millennials live in a fast-paced world —

So Millennials Aren’t Going to Want to Constantly Wait in Line at the Grocery Retail Store Every Week to Two Weeks!

You can bet that here at Golden Gate Organics, generally speaking, millennials are the biggest draw, not only for the convenience, but the organic food factor. They want the convenience, no doubt, but not at the expense of their health and wellbeing. They want the easy order on the phone, and the delivery, but with the wholesomeness of a family farm feel right to their table. This is the way the trend is going, and in the lead of the pack are millennials paving the way. Better start now and get in on that convenience by SIGNING UP FOR GOLDEN GATE RIGHT NOW!