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Things will get seriously serious up in here with this crazy organic food trend. We’re just sayin’. Ronald’s not going to be happy. We’re probably expecting that you’ve read this already, and you might’ve heard of a little organic fast-food chain called Elevation Burger, but here’s a little something that should scare the crap out of Mickey D’s just a little bit more:

We Might Be Seeing the Organic Food Trend Tackled by the BEST OF THE BEST in the Game, Wendysand Sadly It’s NOT Going to Be McDonald’s

A little something that should scare the iconic fast-food chain into some action. Here’s why:

It does turn out that organic food growth in the market is hitting the food service industry so hard that not only are new chains starting up with the primary focus being organic food, but even a Mickey D’s direct competitor will be leading the charge as well. Ever heard of Wendy’s? How about Honest Tea?

The two have joined together in an effort to serve Honest tea organic beverages in all establishments nationwide. You can walk into a Wendy’s an order one right now. To spell it out for you, Honest Yea sources about 800K lbs of organic raw materials, which makes it quite the heavy organic food establishment. The partnership Honest Tea has with Wendy’s will require a good 1MM lbs of that raw material.


We Can Only Imagine Just How Much the Organic Food Trend Will Go. It May Just Be the Beginning.

We’re thinking McDonald’s will need to try their hand in it somehow. Or else Wendy’s might be able to also compete with the many other establishments out there serving organic food and still remain in the game with the big names, like Burger King and the like. What do you think? Can Mickey D’s do it? Or are they going to be sunk? You be the judge!