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Can candy be organic? It most definitely can! Golden Gate Organics certifies that with the changing pace of sustainability, farm to table dynamics, and an emphasis on whole organic foods. This is a trend reaching just about every aspect of culinary delight. Including chocolate, and particularly in the Bay Area. How so? Try the nationally-known Mars. And given how it seems the big brands out there are cashing in on the benefit that is the local craftsmen of artisanal food, and organic farms, you begin to wonder:

Will Mars Buy Tcho? It’s Entirely Possible. After All….

Hershey’s acquired Berkely’s Scharffen Berger. It’s quite probable as many local brands in the Bay Area are getting picked up by the national brands given the value those local establishments are bringing to the public:Mars-1

  • Sustainability
  • Craftsmanship
  • Whole Foods
  • No Preservatives
  • Nutrition
  • Toxin-Free
  • No GMOs

Specialty foods are bigger and bigger these days. And with the recent news that the local culinary and wine producers of our Bay Area are turning the heads of the major players in the grocery game, there’s no doubt that we’re part of a massive trend (and you can be part of it as well if you sign up).

The question, though, is can you get those organic foods conveniently? Can you get the best kind of chocolate¬†conveniently and with the same wholesomeness, organic quality you’d expect from Golden Gate Organics?

It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Trend Continues to Evolve

The big brands like Mars will cash in on the organic candy craze, no doubt. Nothing beats wholesome food delivered immediately to your door. Maintains the freshness. No preservatives. Just pure wholesomeness of the Bay Area right at your fingertips.

Did we mention we also deliver organic chocolate? Want to see? JUST SIGN UP FOR GOLDEN GATE ORGANICS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!