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Happy New Year!

PARSNIP you glad to see me? We’re in prime time Parsnip season right now and this close relative of the “Carrot” is mild enough to chop up for a salad yet sturdy enough to be boiled, broiled, baked or stewed.

Back in the medieval days there were no such things as orange carrots, so Parsnips and Carrots were often used interchangeably. Don’t worry, we are still getting a small quantity of carrots that are available for sub & purchase! Grab a bunch and you can do your own taste test, side by side with the Parsnip.

FACEBOOK – Just to let you know, we really like to use Facebook to get info out to everyone, so if you haven’t yet, head on over to our facebook page ( and hit that little “like” button. We don’t spam, sometimes write haiku’s or share recipes, but the coolest thing is we’re able to let you know:

  • when our drivers hit the road with your box
  • the weekly produce report! This is so cool, if there are any last minute changes to the menu or your box, you can find out the why and what.
  • when we might have a bit of something extra, sometimes we’ll just ask if anyone wants a free bonus item!

NEW YEAR DEAL! – OK, we’re not going crazy (maybe a little?), but here’s a deal for you, for this week only. Have a friend that made a resolution to eat healthier? Get them to try us out and we’ll give you $20 off your next box. Fine print: Limit of, oh, say 3 friends per person, and your friend has to sign up by… next Thursday. That’s a loooot of free produce you could get.
As Always, have a fantastic weekend, keep eating healthy, and REALLY, try a Parsnip if you haven’t. Thanks for being so good looking and awesome,
Your Friends,

Wayne & Corey