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One look at this family-owned farm —¬†Homegrown Organic Farms — and you’ll know right away that you’re not just dealing with a few hundred acres here. This group isn’t just about family, but collaboration to ensure food safety, organics and abundance of the highest quality in fruit and produce since 1998, and here’s the first reason why:

Thomas Creek Farms, for OneHomegrown Organic Farms

What you need to know about Homegrown Organic Farms is that they’re part of a family of companies dedicated to enriching the agricultural industry, representing over 80 (that’s right, 8-0) different growers. Thomas Creek Farms, in fact, represents a portion of that. When you’re shopping at Homegrown Organic Farms, you’re not only getting a premium organic product: you’re getting quality endorsed by this farm as well. And that’s saying plenty.

Don’t Count Out the AgriCare Agricultural Specialist Either

Agriculture is key in this industry of organic produce, and while Homegrown Organic Farms is all about producing the fruits you love, making sure the land itself is enriched and healthy enough to provide plenty of food safety is the longevity we need to keep getting that high quality. Enter: AgriCare. Talk about importance: especially when you have to consider that between Homegrown, Thomas Creek, and AgriCare, you’re looking at well over 4K acres of organic farming.

And That’s One Big Family of Organic Farming to Feel Good About

All you need to do is check them out right here, and you can learn about Thomas Creek and AgriCare as well. Food’s important, and we shouldn’t skimp on it just for the sake of convenience. After all, we get our food from one place: our planet. Let’s take care of it so we can take better care of ourselves like the rest of California’s organic farms you can check out.