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Check it out! Garlic can now be purchased in .25lb increments!! We know you have to be cooking non-stop to get through a whole pound of garlic, so we had our web guy make it so you can smaller amounts! Check it out and add Garlic to your order this week.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, it can be hard to maintain healthy eating habits. By choosing Golden Gate Organics, you have already made buying organic produce easier. The following are a few more tips to eating right, saving the earth and saving money!

1. Eat at Home and Cook for Yourself
It’s cheaper than eating out. It’s fun. It’s a chance to spend time with loved ones (or catch up on your favorite TV — whatever works). You choose the ingredients. You control how nutritious it is. You drive less. You waste less food.

2. Eat Real Foods
If your grandmother wouldn’t have immediately recognized it as “food” there’s a good chance it’s less food and more manufactured good. Who wants to eat a manufactured good? There’s a reason a Twinkie has a shelf life to rival a Nerf basketball. Real foods are the basis for a commonsense diet. The only processing food needs is the cooking you do at home.

3. Learn to Preserve
You can make your harvest last for months by learning age-old preservation methods. Whether it’s canning veggies, drying sunflower seeds, pickling cucumbers or making jams and jellies, there are simple techniques that can — with a little investment of time — make your dollar investment in a garden or a farm share really pay off. For tips on preserving, check out the GGO blog.

4. Think Beyond the Food
Eating green is really about limiting waste in one form or another, so why stop with the food?Here are three easy ways to waste less and save money: If you drink bottled water, or carbonated beverages, look to your tap, a good filter and/or a home carbonation system, paired with a good reusable bottle. Buy cloth napkins instead of paper. Replace plastic storage containers with glass.

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Recipe of the Week Check out our recipe of the week: Super Tuscan Burgers and Potato Salad with Capers and Celery.

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