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Aside from the fact that you have the best tasting and most natural stuff on the planet with organic produce from a farmer’s market, here’s the main reasons why we’re benefiting our bodies: not only are Bay Area farmer market foods made naturally, but without any added practices tainting those foods. The agricultural business is such that it practically requires certain methods to protect the food while it’s grown, while it’s packaged, while it’s distributed, and to ensure freshness. But in the long run, those methods most likely are a detriment to your own body!

 Here’s Why Bay Area Farmer Market Foods Maximize Your Health Beyond That of Your Natural Nutrients

Processing. Simply put, when you go to that grocery store in California, you’re buying processed food. At a farmer’s market, processing is kept to a bare minimum

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(if that). It’s numero uno when it comes to farmer market foods and organic produce when you think about it. What you’re getting when you buy and ingest those processed foods are:

  • Pesticides
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • GMOs
  • Irradiation
  • Waxing
  • Gassing

And that’s actually seven reasons (not four)! The purposes for these practices are obvious — to protect the produce in their long journey from conventional agricultural harvesting to packaging to distribution and merchandising. We’re the losers in that process, though, and farmer market foods simplifies it all.

You get the food right from the ground.

Make It a Point to Always Support Those Bay Area Farmers When You Can

Because ultimately you’re benefiting your body in ways you haven’t thought of. Want the best picks for delivery from us? There’s no doubt: YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT HERE. Golden Gate Organics supports your farmers as well. So don’t hesitate to not only get the goods you want for your body, but the bads you definitely don’t want as well.