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To Our Dear Members,

Tuesday is Halloween and with this festive holiday we move further into the long nights of Fall. Soon our neighborhoods will be full of little costumed super heroes, dinosaurs, and more all seeking sweet treats, or tricks. Yet, last weekend while at a the local pumpkin patch in Piedmont with my family I paused to take in the scene. There was the smell of sunlit hay strewn about rows of oddly sized pumpkins and happily ghoulish decorations.

Family sitting with pumpkins.

And now the Fall bounty is arriving from local organic farms all around the area. Sugar pie pumpkins, pomegranates, Fuyu persimmons, Asian pears, and the first local kiwi’s of the season are all available to warm your tummies, and your hearts, this week. The persimmons appeared early this fall. Their appearance firm and more yellow than the orange color we are accustomed too. However, they taste exceptional and will only get sweeter and softer as the season grows. We have so much to be thankful for.

In addition, the Honey Crisp & Jazz apples this week, along with the Asian & Bartlett pears are really among the absolute best fruits or vegetables we’ve had this season. They are so delicious that I tried to put a couple of each into every order this week so we can all appreciate together how blessed we really are with the local organic items available to us here in the Bay Area.

No matter what amazing produce you are fortunate enough to enjoy this week, all of our fruits and veggies will bring a happy, healthy experience to you and your loved ones. I can’t imagine anything more precious than the eyes of my loved ones lighting up with amazing excitement as they taste some of the most amazing fruits and veggies we will have all year long.

With great care,
Corey Tufts and the Team at Golden Gate Organics