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Happy Friday Campers! Bust out of those weekday blues and get ready for the weekend, it’s time to relax. What’s new this week? Well we are getting some killer Pink Lady apples (our favorite) in that are going to be pretty large and will taste absolutely fantastic.

Quick, what’s considered the sweetest, juiciest pear in the world? Answer: the Comice Pear! It’s available for subbing and purchase, and also on the fruit box menu this week.

Keeping things rolling along, our weekly tribute to T&D Willey (all hail Willey! We love you!) comes by way of Bunched Carrots ($1.99/ea) and Asian White Junior Turnips. Now, if you don’t have these turnips on your menu this week, don’t worry- you can add them for $1.99 and also sub ’em in if there’s a match.

You might notice a little thing called Holiday Herbs Bunch for sale too ($1.99/bunch) and you just might ask yourself, what does one find in a holiday herbs bunch? It’s a surprise! You’ll have to just wait and see. Garlic, as always, is available in .25lb increments.
Alright, time to go log in to your account and make subs and buy a bunch of holiday herbs, or if you’re menu is already perfect, why don’t you go kick back and take your shoes off? Have a fantastic weekend, you deserve it!

Taylor, Wayne & Corey