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We know what some people are thinking: Amazon just caved. Instead of trying to develop their own ‘brand’ of retail, they basically ‘gave up’ and sought to buy out a brick-and-mortar brand, because they think they can’t compete with the local lifestyle, and maybe even the organic quality and sustainability of real whole foods. It seems Amazon has Whole Foods Market dead to rights, but here’s the thing — it’s not just about owning the brand….

The Truth Is There’s SO Much Potential in Grocery Retail, and Amazon Sees It

So do we. After all, retail’s rough. You’ve got so many variables going into retail, plus there’s built-in risk right off the bat. Why do grocery retail Whole Foods Marketyou think just about every department store as a risk/loss prevention team? And we’re not even talking about grocery retail, a type of product that can easily go ‘bad’ just like that. You’ve got perishables, weather patterns, distribution problems, location issues, inventory agendas. Retailers struggle to get the right balance to achieve optimum ROI, and it’s not as easy as it looks.

So the name of the game is change. Grocery retail needs to evolve, and Amazon saw the writing on the wall. They didn’t want to just simply buy out the brand and own the name for themselves. No. They want to revolutionize grocery retail for the next generation.

We’re talking about big data, of course, approaching this from an online personalized perspective. What Amazon does so well is that every transaction has a digital paper trail. It’s seamless. Effortless. Every buyer is practically remembered! Inventory is at its absolute accuracy to the tenth power. Remember working at the retail store and inventory involved scanning every single item in the store? Painstaking. And annoying. With Amazon, all of those frustrations go out the window.

The industry of retail is now changing drastically, and Golden Gate Organics holds up to one of the best conveniences you’ll ever find that the industry will have to evolve toward. Here’s the good news: we’re already there. We’re all about the artisan-style food atmosphere relishing in family, focusing on the local side of the Bay Area. So just look at the writing on the wall:

Amazon Has Made the Change for the Industry as a Whole!

But you can start getting in on it right now by just SIGNING UP FOR Golden Gate Organics! You circumvent the whole retail process, and you don’t even have to go through Amazon. You get easy online purchase and delivery. It’s simple. For those who thought grocery retail would never work out with that online model, guess what: Amazon may just prove you wrong.