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One big thing I want to share this week is that I have been messing around with YouTube and created my first Youtube account called goldengateorganicstv. Check out my first video below and please let me know what you think. I know the first video isn’t that great but I am learning!

I love how my face is frozen mid-sentence!

School is right around the corner. Summer is winding down and before you know it all the TV’s will be tuned to football on the weekends. I am sure most of you will be watching the Cal Bears, Stanford Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, or the San Francisco 49’ers. I am still a Detroit Lions fan myself but find myself rooting for the Niners or Raiders whenever they are on the T.V. Unless of course they are playing the Lions! Wayne is still a Denver Bronco’s fan but we won’t hold that against him. This week’s email goes “behind the scenes” and gives some insight into how Wayne and I came up with the name “Golden Gate Organics” when we started off last year.

I have been asked a few times how we came up with the name Golden Gate Organics. It seems that at first mention most people think we are some huge business or corporation, however, nothing could be further from reality! We wanted something that summed up who we were and what our business was about. We agreed that we had to have a web address of the same name so that we could easily be found online. This turned out to be the most difficult part and ultimately guided us to our final deciscion. We toyed around with a few ideas and the one thing in common was that they all had “organics” at the end. So among the initial candidates were: East Bay Organics, Alameda Organics, Oakland Organics, etc. However, we didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves into one specific geographic location. For instance, if we called ourselves Oakland Organics then we didn’t want people from San Francisco or Berkley to think they were excluded or that they would get second-rate service to our namesake. Which would never be the case anyway. We narrowed it down to Golden Gate Organics and found that the website name was available. In addition, Wayne and I were both on a ship in the Coast Guard ten years ago and each time we got underway or came back to port we would pass underneath the Golden Gate Bridge which was always a special time for us. So after letting it sit for a few days to make sure there were no doubts we bought the domain name and registered our new business name. In hindsight, it may have been better to have went with Bay Organics or something similar but it is possible that we did think of that and it was the case that the website address for that was already taken.

During this same time we were also experimenting with different logos as well. We tried a cable car logo with old western style text and different cartoony takes on the Golden Gate Bridge.

This weeks message may be a little light so I wanted to pump it up with some produce tips we published on our Blog back in October of last year. A time when I am sure that not a single person even knew our blog existed, let alone, read it. Here is the link. I hope you are able to use some of the information that is in it. I know that I was surprised by some of the items in there when I created it such as “Do not refrigerate whole garlic.” I had no idea!

Thanks for reading!