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What a great gift it truly is for Golden Gate Organics — as you may already know, Amazon’s in line to have purchased one of the biggest grocery retailers for whole foods in America: Whole Foods Market. A big move from the e-commerce mogul, but one that has actually sent a lot of grocery stocks plummeting and more of the artisan brands, the local lifestyle, and sustainability of our organic foods industry skyrocketing.

Just How Much Has the Big Brands Dropped in Their Value? Here Are the Figures:

  • Kroger Went Down by Almost 11%GGO good stuff-1
  • Supervalu? They crashed by 13%.
  • Costco Lost Only 5.8%
  • And Sprouts Farmers Dropped Just 5.2%

This was only a recent development, too. Who knows what else will happen in the market as a whole, but Amazon pushing for a major shift in the change in society over how people shop for their groceries means big earthquakes in the retail world. Brick-and-mortar, undoubtedly, is dying.

Not only are now these struggling brick-and-mortar chains competing for a lot of the customer-base, but they also face major heavy hitters like Target and Wal-Mart. But not even Target and Wal-Mart may contend with the aggressive pricing Amazon will push for Whole Foods Market brand products.

Consolidation. The grocery retail space will get smaller and smaller. That’s what’s going to happen. The supply location brands out there will thin out. And convenience, farm-to-table, organic, small-scale establishments will win out.

This Means That Organic Food Delivery Will Climb Even MORE

Who knows: we might even be able to compete with Amazon! It’s lofty…. But conceivable! Golden Gate Organics has been poised to deliver the unique service, focused on organic quality. We’re local. This, though, is just one sign of a shift of things to come, and it’ll be a process of growth. Undoubtedly, whole foods and convenience is skyrocketing. Now it’s our job to position ourselves right at the top.

Now’s a good time to SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY! Golden Gate Organic is ready. Are you?