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You have some considering breakfast to be the most important meal of the day — and then there are those who just can’t go through one day without having lunch. It’s like that bridge in the day, getting you from one island to the next. What stinks about lunch, though, is the fact that your options are limited if you have to go gluten free. That would be a gluten nightmare unlike anything you’ve ever seen for good reason, because when you’re working that 9-5, 40 hours a week, five lunches packed with gluten can make for a disaster.

There Are Options, Available, Though, to Subvert the Gluten Nightmaregluten-nightmare-leaf-lettuce and Still Eat Healthy

And we have those options right here:

  • Lettuce Leaf Wraps — You’d be surprised how fresh and tasty these can be if done right. Really all you’re losing is the tortilla bread or sliced bread, but you can still pack those leaves with all the goodies you want!
  • Lunchbox Salads — It’s a common misconception that a “salad” has to be all about greens. You can add all sorts of protein, cheese, dressings, you name it. It’s a plethora of culinary treasure without the grains loaded with gluten.
  • Legume Salads — Heat those lentils, chickpeas, or beans with your favorite sandwich filling, and you’ve got a kind of stew. Think about it. Pulled pork. Chicken salad. Tuna. Those legumes round it out and fill you up.

And You’ve Got Plenty of Other Options for the Other Meals as Well

Sure, lunch is awesome. Don’t skip out on breakfast or dinner, though, and this gives you the goods on what you need to do to go completely gluten free. The key is creativity. And remember: protein’s your best friend! After all, that’s where the flavor comes from anyway. Who needs the bread! We don’t!