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Here’s a little disclaimer for you: The ‘couscous’ we’ll be talking about really isn’t couscous. You, therefore, lose out on the supergrain advantage; however, these substitutes not only come close in the taste department, but win out nearly just as much in the health department, and the bonus is this: you will go gluten-free with these two options. And you can’t compete with that.

Think CAULIFLOWER and RED LENTILS, and You’re on the Right Trackgo-gluten-free-couscous

Cauliflowers? Really? Yes, it’s true. You prep those cauliflowers the right way, and you’ll have something so comparable to couscous that you won’t even know the difference. Simply blend the raw cauliflower in a processor. That’s all you need to do — instant couscous, and you’ll go gluten-free. You don’t even need to cook it. Eat it raw. But if you want to warm those ‘grains’ up, simply use a little oil in a pan, and the rest is flavor.

Red lentils are even more of a substitute without many not even knowing it. They don’t associate these tiny little beans to be anything even close to couscous. However, if you boil those red lentils until tender, they’re pretty comparable. All you need to do is drain and dry. Replace with anything couscous or risoni, and you can’t go wrong. It’s like having pasta, or the supergrain — only it’s a freakin’ bean. And beans are really high in that protein you want — all without the gluten.

They’re Creative Options, No Doubt When You Go Gluten-Free for Dinner

But believe us — that’s only two of the several options available for going gluten-free for dinner. You’ve got several opportunities to make dinner spectacular. All you need is the know-how and the will. Now you’ve got both. Pour some wine and make it special. And don’t forget the organics while you’re at it!