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See? Told you there was more to check on regarding your gluten-free journey. For those asking “what is gluten?”, not only will this answer the question definitively here, but in terms of breakfast — especially if that’s your favorite meal of the day — there are some additional options available, making it that much easier to go gluten-free without losing out on some of the breakfast stuff you absolutely love.

Ever Heard of “Quinoa Porridge”?quinoa gluten-free

Not many have, in fact. And it’s quite the simple innovation. First off, there’s quinoa, a super-grain so versatile that not only can you have it as an effective side dish to many dinners, but you can even have it for dessert if prepared the right way. This is a super-food packed with all the goodies your body needs and without the gluten you never could ask for.

Even better…. quinoa remarkably has the same consistency as oats! The size of the grains say it all. Flavor it with anything from brown sugar, to apples, to — well, just about anything. And you cook them just like oats. How’s that for gluten-free?

What About Chia Seed Bran? That’s Gluten-Free.

We’re sticking into the same realm of super-food genius here as chia seeds also have similar benefits, all without the gluten. In this case, chia seed bran can make for one heck of a great cereal, replacing the oats and the wheat cereals we’re so used to eating. Yes, the same chia seeds growing out of your chia pet, you can eat.

And Then There’s Psyllium Husk

Another option replacement for cereal — only this is a fibrous food so capable of regulating your gut. This particular substance is even used in Metamucil, a treatment designed to help you with constipation. You get all the fiber without any of the gluten, and the bonus? You’re hydrated. You’re fueled for the day. And you did it all without having to sip coffee or gulp down an energy drink.

You Can Get Any of These Foods at a Health Store

In fact, many grocery stores may also have it. Do the research. Your life to enjoy food doesn’t have to end with you annihilating gluten from your diet. There’s still possibilities for you! All you need is the information. And you can get it right here.